A Brief Introduction to Me

I am archiving older pieces I have written on other sites, making this the definitive home for all my work. Enjoy!

My name is Oluseyi. I work as a software engineer. Like many a software engineer, I am dissatisfied with this or that aspect of common web publication platforms (“blogs”); I intend to build a system better suited to my needs and temperament. And like many a gainfully employed, socially committed software engineer, I never get around to most of the items on my side project wishlist.

Waiting to build my own site out is preventing me from writing, and there are things I want to write about, contemporary and otherwise. So I’m going to write, here, and if I get around to building out my site, then I’ll move everything and leave directions.

My Philosophy

I work as a software engineer, but I have a degree in Cinema and Cultural Studies and I am an animator. I won’t be writing about technology, programming languages, mobile devices or “Apple culture” (whatever the hell that is). It’s boring. I will be writing about people, culture, society, and media as an input to and reflection of these. I will occasionally wax political, but I know my limits. I will always be opinionated, and reserve the right to be wrong.

Welcome. Thanks for joining me. Let’s begin.