Abandon ship! Uh, Course Correction! Er...

I am archiving older pieces I have written on other sites, making this the definitive home for all my work. This is one of several I am porting over from my GameDev.Net user journal. Enjoy!

I pulled out of PyWeek.

I had a rough week that resulted in very little productivity (though it was fun to work on a game again), so I decided it was best to pull out. Kinda lame to pull out of a week-long competition with 35 hours left, but whatever.

It's not the end of Power for Good, though. I'm going to refine the idea and complete the code, then solicit an artist to give it the graphic treatment it deserves. In the meantime, I return to working on PMS - right after I get some sleep.

(Time to update my site's front page. Lord, what a mess!)

I'm reexamining using Web Forms for PMS, given some of the UI constraints of straight XHTML. Yes, I'd love for PMS to validate. I might be able to add that as the final step. Starting from yesterday, I have exactly 30 days to get to alpha and launch my magazine.

Wish me luck.