Publication and the Uses of Metadata

I am archiving older pieces I have written on other sites, making this the definitive home for all my work. This is one of several I am porting over from my GameDev.Net user journal. Enjoy!

Metacite's going slower than expected due to interruptions, but I'm still making good progress. Good thing I decided to do the initial mock up with simple HTML and using ASP.NET in a very ASP-ish model. Having to create web controls for everything I'm trying to do right now would really suck.

Obviously, the name "Metacite" infers something about metadata, which is sort of a pet subject of mine. I want Metacite to store and generate rich metadata and make it available to publication managers in a structured way, allowing for interesting applications (even though I can't think of any yet). For now all I'm planning to do with the facility is add a didactic element to my magazine by allowing readers to peruse the creative and technical process behind every image, block of text, animation and so forth. Fully fleshed out this could lead to web resources I used for production purposes, discussions of technique, essays I've written... really tie the magazine into the rest of my site as a whole.

I'm sure there are more worthwhile uses for this, though, so I'm excited to see what emerges when Metacite goes public.

Ugh. Code.