Allow Me to <br />Reintroduce Myself…

Pardon the dust, I'm still renovating around here. Going to redo the entire powder room, put some wallpaper up—something with texture. Bold, bright colors, but modern shapes, maybe some art that suggests mathematical structure?

Still, I'm happy with how this is coming together. I wanted to pull the trigger a few months back, but I wanted some new construction, you know? WordPress is so turn of the century! I saw a lot of those pre-fab static generated homes, but they were lacking in some amenities I really wanted. I didn't want a manse, either, though. Fortunately I stumbled across that new Ghost development, in that writing-focused part of town I really liked. Even though it was going to be a new build, I figured it was worth it to upgrade to add some stuff I wanted.

Oh, absolutely. Check back next week; I'm sure I'll have tweaked something, or ripped out and replaced something else. It's kinda fun, really!

I finally reached a point where I knew what I wanted to do with my personal domain/blog, and I wanted to build it on top of interesting technologies. My technology projects will pop up from time to time here, but I will really be writing about non-software subjects. They're more interesting to me.

One thing I want to do is collect all my diffuse web writing in one place, so I'll be fleshing out the archives over the coming weeks. Maybe I'll annotate some pieces with my current thoughts, or throw in a coda? There are some articles I've wanted to revisit just to correct the sheer wrongness.

Vulnerability and honesty will be recurring themes. Puncturing the air of infallibility we all cultivate about ourselves to present to strangers. It's where the title comes from: I've grown so weary of affected ironic detachment—mine and others'—that I've spent the past couple of years pursuing an honesty, an earnestness about the things I like, the things I struggle with, the things I fail at.

This is still the internet, so I will inevitably succumb to the temptation to point out to others how much they suck, but I will try to do so with a little humility and empathy. ;-)

On y va!